Social commitment in your hood – Ever heard about Unicef?

  Time is love. Time is help.

Today is the first day of our weekly special about social commitment. Everyone of us looked up a place/ company/project/ socially involved group, which we can join as young people. I bet, most of us would love to help others doing something that deserves our freetime. So let’s take a look at some places in town, which you could take a part in… let’s start the week off with Unicef Continue reading

Fall in love with a wonderful dance event…

Aren’t you bored to stay home every Sunday and just watch movies or eat ? Or am I the only one who does that?

You have to admit that sometimes you need a little bit of action on your Sundays because it is the weekend – the best part of the whole week and you got to do something instead of just staying home. Well I have a really wonderful idea for you – which involves dancing.

Continue reading