Interviews with our teachers!

We have interviewed a few teachers at our school on various topics. The interviewed teachers include Mrs. Tschöpe, Mrs. Dinter, Mr. Siebert, Mr. Rudolph … Now  have a closer look at  the different questions and answers… 

1. Which subject in school used to be your worst subject or which subject was not fun at all?

Mrs. Tschöpe: Physics.

Mrs. Dinter: Social sciences. But it depends if you like the teacher or not.

Mr. Siebert: Math.

Mr. Rudolph: Biology and Chemistry.

2. Which subject used to be your best subject or the subject you most enjoyed?

Mrs. Tschöpe: Latin and Greek.

Mr. Siebert: French and History.

Mrs. Dinter: Latin, Biology and English.

Mr. Rudolph: Music.

3. What do you think of social networks?

Mrs. Tschöpe: You have to handle it very carefully. Of course, it offers a lot of advantages, but you have to look very closely who you contact and what you say. You always have to be clear: Who would I invite into my living room!

Mr. Siebert: You have to be very careful with social networks!

Mrs. Dinter: Social networks today are up-to-date media, they are generally very important for the youth, but it is also often overestimated. Real communications could be lost through social networks.

Mr. Rudolph: Social networks are very dangerous because they are so attractive. I also see a huge  potential for people becoming depandent.

4. Do you use WhatsApp, if so, do you use it frequently?

Mrs. Tschöpe: I do not use WhatsApp.

Mr. Siebert: I do use WhatsApp very often, giphy.

Mrs. Dinter: I have WhatsApp but I do not use it that often.

Mr. Rudolph: I use WhatsApp often, yes. However, I also often use the “Sparkassen – App”, the “Spiegel – App”, a “Mail App”, a “Calendar App”. I use my phone very often and sometimes too much. 

                                                                                           Editorial staff: Mr. Rudolph, you can´t tell us that you use your phone very often and sometimes to much for the “Sparkassen – App” or the “Mail – App, so what are you really doing with your cellphone? Is that true? Are you joking?

5. Do you have a good relationship with your colleagues?

Mrs. Tschöpe: Yes, I like all of my colleagues very much! It’s a good mood all around!

Mr. Siebert: giphy

Mr. Rudolph: I get along with my colleagues.

6. Has it always been your dream job to become a teacher or have you ever had other ideas?

Mrs. Tschöpe: Sure, I sometimes had other ideas for a job, but at the end of my schooling, I choose not to follow these ideas. For example, I wanted to be a translater. But I could also imagine being a primary school teacher. 

Mr. Siebert: giphy

Mr. Rudolph: Originally, I also wanted to be a journalist, but then I decided for the job teacher.

7. How did you come to this school?

Mr. Siebert: I was lucky.

Mrs. Dinter: I came to this school because there were vacancies. I also teach Latin and that’s why I was gladly taken at our school. The combination of subjects played a role as well.


Either/ or questions. What do you prefer / like?

Do you prefer to cook or do you prefer cooking when others cook for you?

Mrs. Tschöpe: I like to cook for myself.                                                                                                                                   Editorial staff: Really? Who doesn`t like it when others are cooking for you?

Mr. Siebert: I like to cook for myself, too.                                                                                                                                Editorial staff: We don´t believe you, too!

Mrs. Dinter: I love when others are cooking for me.

Mr. Rudolph: I like cooking for myself.                                                                                                                                   Editorial staff: Are you kidding us?

Which subject do you prefer?

To Mrs. Tschöpe: Latin or Greek?

Mrs. Tschöpe: This is difficult. But I would say that I from time to time like Greek a bit more because sometimes the text can be translated more freely.

To Mrs. Dinter: Latin or Biology?

Mrs. Dinter: I really like both subjects. I prefer to teach biology in high school, but I prefer to teach Latin in middle school.

To Mr. Siebert: French or History?

Mr. Siebert: It depends. I prefer history lower and middle grades. In the higher grades I like to teach French more.

To Mr. Rudolph: Music or History?

Mr. Rudolph: Music.

Dirty Dancing or Titanic?

Mrs. Tschöpe: Dirty Dancing.

Mrs. Dinter: Dirty Dancing.

Mr. Rudolph: Titanic.                                                                                                                                                                Editorial staff: Of course :D!

If you are going abroad, would you choose the mountains or the beach?

Mrs. Tschöpe: I prefer a vacation on the beach.

Mr. Siebert: I prefer a vacation on the beach.giphy                                                                                                                            Editorial staff:

Mrs. Dinter: I do not really make holidays on the beach or in the mountains. That’s why I cannot decide.

Mr. Rudolph: I like to spend my holidays in the mountains and on the beach. I like both very much.

Celine Dion or Whitney Houston?

Mrs. Tschöpe: Whitney Houston.

Mr. Siebert: giphy

Driving a car or riding a bike?

Mr. Siebert: Riding a bike.

Mrs. Dinter: Driving a car.

Mr. Rudolph: I prefer to ride a bike. I abolished the car.

Birthday or Christmas?

Mr. Siebert: Birthday.

Mrs. Dinter: Christmas.

Mr. Rudolph: Christmas.

Teaching lower, middle or higher grades?

Mr. Siebert: Higher grades.                                                                                                                                                       Editorial staff: So, you don´t like us?

Mr. Rudolph: I just like the fact that I always teach different classes. Sometimes I teach the 10th grade, then I teach the 8th grade. I just like to always be able to change. 

      Editorial staff: Better answer!


P:S.: Read our comments with a sense of humor! We did not ask all teachers the same questions! Because of this, some answers may be missing.

By Paulina and Kaja

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