Presenting: The gorgeous Hailey

,,O! Say you can see by the dawn`s early light … The light in America is really bright…”

Yeees, you read it right: Our theme for today is America. I had a nice interview with my email partner Hailey and I asked her about her life in America, about the system of her school and about her opinion in terms of the American politicians.

First, she told me about her life in school- or maybe I should say: The system of her school. The school begins at the age of 5 and continues until 18. They are starting with elementary school from age 5 to 10. Then they visit the middle school from age 10/11 to 14. The high school is for teenagers from age 14/15 to 18.  After that, they can choose, if they visit a college.

The other thing she talked about is the political situation and how she feels about it. She does not like the politicians in her country, because she does not like that many people just come together to discuss things and keep arguing when they are getting together. In her opinion everybody should have the right to express themselves!

All in all –  she is a really typically girl in America.


Written by Chiyere

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