Music Taste at American High Schools

What is the music taste at American High Schools like? Which music genre is the most popular? – E-Inside had an interview with an American student named Ella Russel about the music taste at her school.

E-Inside: Hello, Ella! Thanks for agreeing to answer our interview questions. We´d like to ask you which music genre is the most popular at your school.
Ella: At my school today´s pop, and today´s country are the most popular. I have many friends from other schools and from bigger countries and there, today´s rap and hip hop are popular as well. The music you listen to kind of depends on where you live. If you live in a smaller farm town, you are probably more likely to listen to country or oldies.
E-Inside: Sounds really nice! Are students at your school listening to oldies or to the charts the most?
Ella: Many teenager at my school are more interested in top charts. But I think about 30% of teenagers do listen to Oldies.
E-Inside: Okay. Do you think that music is important when it comes to social life?
Ella: Music here is very important to a teenagers daily life. When I am at school I constantly have earbuds in, as well at most of the other students. When I am hanging out with my friends, we are always playing music. Music is a way to connect with friends and family, it also is a “get-away” and a stress reliever.
E-Inside: Okay, now we asked ourselfes if you are allowed to listen to music at school? Are you generally allowed to use your phone there?
Ella: Our phone policy is pretty open. There is a phone policy here and most teacher apply it, but some don´t. It mostly depends on the teacher, some will not care and will let us do whatever we want. But some are strict and will take your phone if they see it. Most of the time if you ask to use it, they will say yes. I am not sure how the rules apply in younger grades, but I think they are like the high schools. Listening to music is acceptable as long as you ask.
E-Inside: If someone is listening to rock/metal, while the whole class is listening to the charts: Would you think that the person is kind of strange? Or would you not care about it?
Ella: Everyone has a different preference to music, it does not seem to make people into social out casts. It is normal to have different taste in music.
E-Inside: Yes. Every person is an individual :). Have you ever listened to German music?
Ella: I have never listened to German music that I can recall.
E-Inside: Ah, okay. You should listen to “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer. It is.. amazing!
Ella: Okay, I will.
E-Inside: Okay! These were pretty informative answers! We really enjoyed the interview with you, thank you, Ella!

Interview by Aleyna

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