Bisexual, lesbian, gay, transgender… So what?

We often ask ourselves: Am I different than others ? Is it okay to feel different? So we took some time and thought about “How it might feel if I were part of the LGBT+ community?”

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We wanted to write a text about this topic because this is something that concerns quite a few students at our school. We believe that at such a young age to possibly feel a bit different is more than ok.

Every person is different. We all have individual looks and personalities. Otherwise life would be boring! One part of that is who you LOVE. But there is no norm, there are just different forms, in which society often tries to press us into. When you realize that you might feel different than other people you just have to admit to yourself that even though it might be hard, there is nothing wrong because you are great the way you are!

Actually, you don´t have to care about the opinions of others because it´s your life and not theirs. Of course, everybody cares about what other people think and the first step is probably very difficult, but we believe it will be worth it. Your true friends will stay. Even if others don´t react as positive as you might have hoped, you should not be discouraged.

Remember it´s your thing, who you love and who you want to be. The only person that you should take care of is yourself. Nobody can tell you who you are allowed to love. There is no right and wrong!!! And you should also know that you won’t change, just because you tell the rest of the world who you really are. Be yourself!  You are you and nobody can force you to be somebody else!

And it´s really ok if you want to wait to find your perfect time to come out. It’s completely normal to be a little bit afraid, we all are just humans.

Our motto : different is BETTER. :))

By Greta and Nivin


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