Learn more about your future

Today we present you a incredible and fantastic horoscope for students and teachers. Find out what is going to happen in your  future…

Cancer – (Mrs. Harzmeyer, Mrs. Lorenz) You should be very happy. Your courage and your charme is going to help you. The next months are going to be pretty exciting. Mabye you will find a new partner for your life…who knows. Just keep a smile on your face.

TaurusThe next time when you are in school or at work it is going to be stressful. Pay attention and work hard for your goal. Trust me it is worth it

Pisces – (Mr. Wiemers, Mrs. Hüsing): Your love life is getting really exciting. You´ll not find a better moment than now! It’s time to find your Mr/Mrs Right. So you know what to do ;)…Teach your collegues respect and a lesson of fear!

Aries – (Mr. Rudolf) : Sometimes it`s getting a little bit complicated in your love life. Don`t be afraid. Your partner needs a little bit time to think about his feelings, to get clear about what he/she/(insert gender) really needs and what he/she/it loves. You might be thinking that your work is boring or just getting worse, but don’t worry, be happy.

LibraTake whatever has been humming in the back of your mind and bring it to the center of your focus. It’s time you make that bold romantic move, take that risky business leap or tell that person what you’ve been wanting to tell them for so long. The time for hesitation is past — way past. And unless you act today, you run the risk of missing out on building something special. It takes guts to take the leap, but you’ve got ’em. Just dig down deep, and they’ll appear.

AquariusWhen you look around at all the wonderful people in your life today, don’t be surprised if you see some of them in a new (and improved) light. There are still problems – there will always be some issues. But the important thing is that you can finally see the bad stuff for what it’s and get rid of it. Conversations don’t intimidate you anymore, because you know what you need to say. Whatever (or whoever) has been holding you back from being true to yourself is gone.

Capricorn- (Mr. Grimm, Mr. Siebert): It is time to change something. Today is your best day, because the stars are saying so. Trust them. You and your partner are going to have lots of fun. But be careful you shouldnt get in contact wih cats, because they are not good for your aura.

ScorpioMabye you have to stop being so rude sometimes. Just relax and enjoy the time with your best friends. But be careful one of your friends might be a magican and he/she/(insert gender) could hurt you. So always be prepared to fight the dark lord.

Virgo: Focusing your attention on building new relationships is not the best use of your energy today. While it may make you feel like you’re doing something productive, in reality, it will not give you the sense of accomplishment you’re craving more and more. To feel productive, you have to be productive – so build or create something physical today. It doesn’t have to be big; it just needs to be something real in the world. Cook a meal, paint a picture, knit a scarf. Just create!

SagittariusToday your focus (and the focus of everyone around you) should be on putting your ideas to work. So if you’re in a collaborative environment, use all of your clout to get everyone going and on task. Too many outside voices are holding up your progress right now. Coming to an agreement is important, but it isn’t always necessary. If you need to push to get things moving, just do it – no one will be annoyed. In fact, they’ll be grateful for your leadership.

Gemini– You’re like a box with its lid closed tightly right now … all the creativity, beauty and intricacies deep inside of you are hidden from view. Very few people have the energy or attitude to pry open your lid. So if people have to push to know you better, you might need to take your lid off and show them all the wonderful things you have to offer. Open yourself up to everyone today. Express yourself.

Leo-(Mrs. Macijewski) Details might be a dangerous trap for you today, so pay extra special attention whenever you’re dealing with numbers, money or dates. Right now, you need to work your way through everything, so there’s no good in trying to avoid what you don’t want to deal with. Grab a calculator and double-check your work — then double-check it again. A mix-up in a social arrangement could throw you for a loop today, but a quick phone call is all it takes to get things back on track.

from Joelle and Elisha

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