Do’s and Dont’s: school guide

If you were wondering about inside tips for our school, especially if you are new, here are some suggestions for you…

Hey folks! Let’s just start right up


°For the girls: the best bathrooms are in the Neubau in the chemistry area and in the area of the upper classes

°If you want to survive , subscribe to Pewdiepie

°The cafeteria has a good potato soup


°Do not eat the rice in our cafeteria! Because it’s often way too salty

°When the break is over, do not use the small stairways. You might get knocked out by all the students trying to get to their next classroom.

° Aaaand for the guys at our school: Do not use the first toilet in the physics area. We were told that it is always clogged…

We hope that this may help you ❤



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