Germany- Land of Immigrants

Three months ago, I got to know two immigrants Nati and Aberiet. Both were born in Bangladesh and had the wish of living in another country. Both are new in Germany an are now living here in a social-flat. Their trip was exciting and kind of sad, but since they have arrived in Germany everything has changed…

It all started in Bangladesh in 2013. Their district was old, but still pretty. But they always had the dream of getting other jobs than just being farmers. A new start, a new life, that is what they were looking for. So they went through the streets  of Bangladesh and played guitar and drumms to get money for their tickets. It took three months to get the money together, but then Aberiet’s mum gave 1000$ to help them get started.

So what were they waiting for?

They packed their stuff and went on an airplane. After their arrival, they met a person that promised them help with finding a flat, but it was just a lie. The person tried to use them to get their money and ran away with all of it.

After that experience, they had a breakdown and felt like they could never find a trustful person again, but there was still hope.

Another helpful person, called Gina, helped them find a new home, jobs and everything for their basic needs. Gina was always there when they needed her.

Aberit finally got pregnant, and who would have guessed, Gina even helped deliver their baby? She is a midwife and helped them through the whole pregnancy. When the baby was born, Gina was allowed to give him his name – Jonathan.

Now they are having a great life in a new flat, together with their three year old son. Soon Nati has a job interview at Airbus – I wish him all the luck.


Have you got an interesting immigration story or of starting a new life at a different place? Leave a comment down below 🙂


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