Spring: Most beautiful places to visit

Hey folks,

Roses are red, spring time has come, we’d like to show you some research that we have done!

Since it’s getting warmer outside, we have searched for some places to hang out during your beloved free time. Perhabs you’d like to visit some of them!

One of the most famous places in Bremen is the Bürgerpark. You can visit the playground neraby or just pack up some sweets and food to go on a pick-nick with friends. You can also visit the zoo that has some cute animals to pet. You may also bring some corn with you to feed the ducks there. But make sure not  to bring bread, it very bad for them.

Another nice spot is near the Goethe Theatre. There is a tiny wooden bridge where you can sit  which is lit up  as soon as it gets dark. The water is so clean that you are able to see some fish swimming around.

The Werdersee is a total classic! You can grill, swim, play on a huge playground and just enjoy yourself there. But be prepared, it may be crowded on hot days.

We hope that we could help you for whenever  you are feeling bored!

See you soon!

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