Interwiew with our teachers

Once again, we have a new teachers’ interview for you. I wanted to ask Mr. Siebert, Mr. Gutzeit and one of the new teachers Mr. Bickmeier some unusual questions. So click here if you want to know more…

Do you have to pay for your coffee?

Mr. Bickmeier: Yes. We have an community fund for our coffee.

Mr. Gutzeit: Yes.

Mr. Siebert: Yes.


Which languages do you speak:

Mr. Bickmeier: German and English, but I understand French and Spanish too.

Mr. Gutzeit: German, English and French, but I used to talk Italian as well.

Mr. Siebert: French, German, English. I can read Latin, I can understand Dutch and I can talk a little bit of sign language.


Any culture in the teachers’ lounge?

Bick: We´ve mostly got cookies and we`re helping each other.

Gut: The mushrooms under the kitchen sink!

Sie: Mostly, just the coffee flatrate


Is there a secret teachers’ mafia?

( Everyone said no, but who knows…)


What about any teachers’ squads?

Bick: I don`t know, but I think there was a secret teacher’s soccer team.

Sie: Nooooo …

Gut: Surreee…


Who is he boss, what about war?

Bick: There was once a llittle argument, but…..


Most emberassing action:

Bick: When I was too late for our teacher’s conference and I had the wrong ducuments..

Sie: When I ran into an students desk,

Gut: When I won the price for the cabbage king( Kohlkönig).


Most lovely action:

Bick: When we had to say goodbye to mrs Liedemeier.

Gut: Concert of Robert Sarazin Blake in the Aula.

Sie: When I got an Christmasgrreeting CD.


Most special moment?

Bick: When one girl out of one of the class I teach wan the debating club competition.

Gut: When a student  had copied two Cd’s for me.

Special for mr. Bickmeier:


Why do you play overwatch on Playstation instead on the PC?

Bick: Because my friends play it there too.


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