Social commitment in your hood – Ever heard about Unicef?

  Time is love. Time is help.

Today is the first day of our weekly special about social commitment. Everyone of us looked up a place/ company/project/ socially involved group, which we can join as young people. I bet, most of us would love to help others doing something that deserves our freetime. So let’s take a look at some places in town, which you could take a part in… let’s start the week off with UnicefGeneral Information:

the Unicef junior team  involves taking care of children all over the world. Together they fight against injustice, poverty and exploitation. Unicef helps children in need and fights for the protection of children and their medicine as well. For example by doing different projects like demostrations and cleaning up streets for a better place to life. For the crazy ones, they’re doing graffities and distribute flyers in town to earn donations to keep their organisation on line. Creative and good-hearted people are always welcome, but that doesn’t mean that you – the lovely person in front of this pc – can’t participate.

But what can you do now?

Get involved: to be a junior-teamer you should be 16 years old, younger ones  need to                               have permission by their parents.                                                                                                                      Donate something – talk with your parents.                                                                                                              Look up for informations at the link down below!

So what are the perks and cons?

First of all, some of you might not have the time. Maybe you don’t want it or you can’t choose between all of these organisations or you just don’t feel responsible for social commitment. But for all the people that have the possibility, and that are just too shy or not busy, you could use that chance to get involved.

I hope you might think about it a little more. Everyone deserves a chance!

Love, Chichi.

*                                                  1: contact ; – link 2: Informations about

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