Fall in love with a wonderful dance event…

Aren’t you bored to stay home every Sunday and just watch movies or eat ? Or am I the only one who does that?

You have to admit that sometimes you need a little bit of action on your Sundays because it is the weekend – the best part of the whole week and you got to do something instead of just staying home. Well I have a really wonderful idea for you – which involves dancing.

Have you ever watched the movie The Greatest Showman and watched the part where they do a musical with lots of dances and wear colourful clothes and dance with a lot of passion? Well, I did and could not stop thinking how great it would be if we would have something like that in Bremen… who wouldn’t adore to see such big and extrem show? I know I would love it! If you are of same opinion, I have a cool idea for you.

There is a dance show on 23 June in the theater Schlachthof.

So let me tell you a little bit about this show and I hope that you would like to experience such a show because these dance shows are not everyday — so hurry..

This dance show has a very beautiful story about the protagonist Mara who has a physical malformation. She feels very uncomfortable in her family and in the valley where she lives. After some time she sees a door and she enters into a new world – a freaky world. Will you come to find out what happens during Mara’s travel?

This show is about all the feelings when you are dancing – fear, happiness, hope. And aren’t we all a little bit freaky? The show will show you that you do not have to be scared to show who you really are.

By the way, I am a dancer in this dance show and I am really happy to have the chance to take part in this show. Since we have started to prepare the coreos for the show, I have been watching my dance teacher, Michele Cantanna put love and passion in his dances and how much this means to him. I admire him a lot and want to support him and the other dancers in our dance school and me are doing everything to try to support him and help him to be the best show ever. He is one of the best dancers that I have ever seen. Michele is going to dance almost all the show along with us, which is a lot of hard work, but he gives all of him to do it perfectly. That is another reason why you should come to this show.

There will be also a lot of dance styles, for example latin style or hip hop, videoclip dancing, girling and a lot of others styles. Do not miss it! So come to the freakshow and be a part of it!

You can buy your ticket from Michele Cantanna from the Tanzarena Bremen. A ticket costs 25€ and part of the money will be donated to people with cancer.

Written by Mihaela.

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