Our school

The Altes Gymnasium Bremen, which literally means old school,  is such an important thing in our life and was already founded in 1528. First, it was a school only for boys. One important thing at that time was the Latin language, which is still relevant to us today. Our school is, we think, one of the best schools in Bremen because we have a great variety of subjects for example Astronomy, all kinds of different languages, Philosophy, Art and Music classes.

Since the refugee crisis, we also have lot of students from countries all over the world. A diversity we like.

We are a humanistic Gymnasium  which means schooling in the classical humanities  and old languages like Latin and old Greek. Moreover, we are a European school since June 2015 and Ambassador school since September 2017. That means, that our school places great value on all of us. We have a large number of students, about 1000,  and about 80 teachers. If you are interested in our school, visit our school website: