The band class’ inspiring spring concert

On Tuesday, April 2nd, we had another really cool concert at our school Altes Gymnasium that inspired me and the others and which made the parents of the class 6d really proud.

The sixth grade band class prepared an awesome concert and sang a lot of beautiful songs and the audience sang together with them because the songs were really beautiful. I really loved the energy of the audience and the enthusiasm of the kids that were singing in front of so many people. In the audience there were a lot of parents and siblings of the kids as well as a lot of classmates.

After the sixth grade band class had sung their songs, there were two solo performances. One of them was Chiyere from the class 8b (also one of the members of E-Inside!). Me and some of my classmates were there to support her. They all sang really beautiful. After all the amazing perfomance all of us in the audience got a great surprise. Robert Sarazin Blake from USA came and he sang some songs for us, which was incredible!

I also succeeded to do a little interview with him. He said that all the songs that he had sung on stage had been written by him. This is really amazing because that songs were so wonderful.

The show started at 19:00 and ended at 20:30, but it really deserved such a big time slot because it was a great experience to see how much the kids worked for such a big concert and of course because I had the chance to meet the singer. 😉 It was a pleasure.

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