Moving on… Mr. Oxen and Mr. Tiedemann

The rubric “teacher interviews” is moving on to the next phase. We interviewed Mr. Oxen and Mr. Tiedemann. Read more if you are interested…

Why did you become a teacher?

Mr. Tiedemann: “I´ve always wanted to do something with History because it was also my favourite subject in school, but I didn´t really want to work in a museum, so I decided to become a teacher. And if you want to make any money working with History, being a teacher is a good option .”

Why these subjects?

Mr. Tiedemann: “English is my second subject and I was also really good at it, for this reason I had these subjects in the “Oberstufe”. Therefore, the combination was clear.”

Do you regret becoming a teacher?

Mr. Tiedemann:”I`m still not finished with my education, but until now it is a lot of fun and I think I can do this profession for the next 40 years.”

Do you like to cooperate with your class?

Mr. Tiedemann:”Yes, of course. There is nothing I would rather do than standing in front of my class and seeing students progress, how questions are being solved and to see the students laughing together. That´s totally my thing ( “Das macht total Bock!”).”

analysis blackboard board bubble

What´s your favourite subject?

Mr. Oxen:”My favourite subject is English.”

What´s your subject you hated the most in school?

Mr. Oxen:”I used to hate Physics and Chemistry, but I think Physics was even worse than Chemistry.”

Did you do any sports in school? 

Mr. Oxen:”I often liked riding the bike.”

Why did you become a teacher?

Mr. Oxen: “I became a teacher because my teachers were very good role models and during that time I thought,  I would like to this later as a profession. And I always like to give something back to young people (something that interests me).”

Why have you studied these subjects?

Mr. Oxen: “These are the subjects I knew the most. And these are also the topics in which I, in my opinion, have to continue working  in order to be always up to date.”

Do you regret becoming a teacher?

Mr. Oxen: “Under no condition! Thats´s the only profession that I would ever do in my life. I couldn´t imagine working anywhere else. “

Do you like cooperation with your class?

Mr. Oxen:”Yes, of course, because I think that each class seems to be nice, no matter how difficult it is sometimes, there are always good moments, which are much more important than the problematic things. “

Written by Paulina and Kaja.

Interviewed by Nivin

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