German stereotypes

We just conducted an interview with an American student, Simon, about stereotypes they might have about Germany. So we asked him these questions:

First of all, what do you think about Germany in general?

The American student: “I think Germany is a beautiful country. It’s history is a little shaky, but hey, so is America’s, so no judgement here. I’d love to visit some day, but I don’t know if it’ll ever happen”

What do you think about politics in Germany and do you know Merkel?

The American student: “I don’t know much about German politics, and I don’t know Merkel. Sorry, don’t really have an answer for this one.”

What are the typical stereotypes about German people in America?

The American student: “The only stereotype I can really think of is that you guys really like your beer and sausage.”

Do you often speak about Germany in your lessons or with your class, friends or parents?

The American student: “The only time Germany comes up in conversation is either in history class or at home with my brother, who’s very into the wars like WWI and WWII.”

What do you think about veal sausage? Some people here in south germany like it very much. 

The American student: “I’ve never tried it or heard of it, but I would potentially try it if the chance came up.”

Do you know the car marketing Mercedes?

The American student: “I do know of Mercedes, yes.”

What do you think are the differences between America and Germany?

The American student: “One of the differences would definitely (and obviously) be the language spoken. Definitely more English here than German, and I’m sure it’s the opposite over there. Other than that, I’m not very sure.”

In Germany there are also some stereotypes about Americans. For example, many people think that all Americans are fat because there are so many fast food restaurants coming from America. What do you think about this stereotypes?

The American student: “I think it’s partially true. I’d say a lot of stereotypes about America are true, but I don’t really fit under any of them. I wouldn’t consider myself overweight (50 Kg), but there are definitely people who are.”

Written by Paulina and Kaja



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