HO HO HO Christmas in the USA and Germany…

Christmas is a special time, full of love, fun and joy. But not every nationality celebrates Christmas the same. We compared the celebration of Christmas in the USA and Germany.


  • Christmas is the most important celebration in Germany.
  • People start opening their presents in the late evening of the 24th of December, some people go to church for a late service.Download
  • German people celebrate the birth of Christ. The “Christkind” gives the presents.
  • Before opening the presents, most families read a story or sing songs.
  • The other two days most of the people visit their relatives or their friends and eat way too much food.


  • People start opening their presents in the morning of the 25th of December.
  • They celebrate Christmas a lot more colourful than here in Germany. They decorate their houses and schools more, there are often tons of coulourful lights and more plastic stuff – like Christmas trees.
  • Santa Claus brings the gifts. In the night of the 24th December some children prepare milk and cookies for Santa Claus. ( Of course Santa loves this!)
  • The most popular food at Christmas is a big turkey roast.


tiny gold christmas gift

Written by Nivin Ramadan


Quellen: (www.homify.de / travelworks.de / http://www.wikipedia.de)

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